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SCTC Dual Enrollment Required Orientation, Advisement and Registration (ROAR)

Step 1 - Locate Your Student ID and Student Email Address

As a new student, you must first set up Okta in order to access your student email, Banner Web, and coursework on Blackboard.

To set up Okta, you must know your Student ID (900) Number and student email address. These can be found on the admissions/acceptance letter sent (mail and email) by the Admissions and Dual Enrollment departments, and the overview cards (for walk-in students) given by Admissions. See images below. If you have misplaced these items, and cannot remember your student ID number, you will need to visit to visit the Admissions Office at one of the campuses in order to get that information.

If you know your student ID number, but not your email address, you can use the Email Lookup app to retrieve that information. Instructions for how to use the app are on the next page of this orientation.