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TigerHow: SCTC Information and Organizations

This guide provides important information, such as library resources, tutoring and mentoring, campus safety and security, career and academic planning, financial aid, and student support services.

Who Do We Serve? What Do We Provide?

Special Populations Services
Available to support and serve students who are from economically disadvantaged families, including foster children, those preparing for non-traditional fields, students with limited English proficiency, single parents (including single pregnant women), displaced homemakers, or disabled individuals.

Disability Services
A person with a disability is any person who:​
Has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more life activities, including walking, talking, seeing, hearing, breathing, learning, and working​.
Has a record of such an impairment​.
Is regarded as having such impairments.

​Student Activities​
Using funds generated from your Student Activity Fees, SCTC plans and hosts events across our campuses, sponsor clubs, and host open house sessions and receptions to promote availabe programs and services.

Student Athletics
SCTC has both men's and women's basketball teams. For more information, click the Tigers logo. For basketball schedules, click the Men's and Women's team photos.

Men's Basketball Team Photo. Click to go to men's schedule.  Women's Basketball Team Photo. Click to go to women's schedule.

Logo of SCTC tiger growling.