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This guide provides important information, such as library resources, tutoring and mentoring, campus safety and security, career and academic planning, financial aid, and student support services.

Drug Conviction and Financial Aid Eligibility

If a student has a federal or state drug conviction during a period of enrollment for which the student was receiving federal aid, the student is disqualified from federal financial aid funding.

Students self-report this information on the FAFSA. Question 23 on the FAFSA form asks if the student has ever been convicted of a drug related offense. Answering this question falsely, if discovered, could result in fines up to $20,000, imprisonment, or both.

In situations of conflicting information, the School is required to confirm this information. Students convicted of drug offenses committed while receiving Federal Financial Aid may be ineligible for federal financial aid for one (1) or more years from the date of conviction. Federal Aid includes:

Federal Student Loans
Federal Grants
Federal Work Study