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TigerHow: SCTC Information and Organizations

This guide provides important information, such as library resources, tutoring and mentoring, campus safety and security, career and academic planning, financial aid, and student support services.

Financial Aid: Things to Know

Paying your fees and tuition is the responsibility of the student and family.

All students are required to complete a Federal FAFSA application online at each year to determine eligibility for Financial Aid programs. 

Not all programs are eligible for Federal Funds.

Changes to schedules (number of hours, drop/add, withdraws) can affect your Financial Aid.

All Financial Aid awards are based on full-time enrollment. However, aid will only pay for the number of hours students enroll.

All students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and successfully complete at least 66% of all courses attempted and must not exceed 150% of the required semester hours for the program.

Students should be aware that the number of hours that the HOPE Grant and the HOPE Scholarship will pay is limited. Students not receiving other aid will be responsible for paying the remaining balance each term.

More financial aid news can be found on the SCTC website by clicking below.

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