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SCTC Graduation Workshop

Graduation Day Attire

Your complete regalia package should include cap, gown, stole, and tassel. All graduation gowns and caps will be black in color. Furthermore, any graduation caps and gowns provided/purchased prior to January 2018 cannot be used.

Make sure your gown and stole are wrinkle free before graduation day.

Be sure to try on your gown before leaving the pick-up event. SCTC is not responsible if your gown does not fit.

There is no storage at the ceremony facility for students to leave hangers or personal items. Please note that the college and the facility will not be responsible or liable for any items left unattended.

During commencement, wear the tassel on the RIGHT side, moving it to the LEFT when the degree is conferred.

Moving the tassel from right to left

Please dress appropriately for standing and pictures. You MUST wear clothes under your gown. However, jeans, shorts, flip flops, and tennis shoes/sneakers are not permitted.

We recommend students choose low heels and comfortable shoes. You will be standing for a while. 

Students are welcome to decorate their caps as long as there is no obscenity on them.