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SCTC Required Orientation, Advisement and Registration (ROAR)

Student Accounts-Business Office: Payments & Waivers

Senior Citizen Waiver
Individuals age 62 or older are allowed to have their tuition, and ONLY their tuition, waived. This does not include waiving any fees or books.

Payment Deadline
All student balances must be paid in FULL by financial aid, the student, or a combination of both.

Payment Options
In person at the cashier window
By signing up with Nelnet for the payment option (click the logo)

Click the nelnet student loans logo to go to their webpage and sign up for the payment option.

By logging in online using your student Banner Web account.
Students can pay with a major credit card (Mastercard or Visa).
You can pick up the online payment instructions from the Business Office cashier window or find them on the SCTC Tuition & Fees page (click the icon).

Click the graduation mortar boad with bundles of cash to go to the Tuition and Fees webpage.