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TigerHow: Set Up Email, Blackboard and Banner Web (Distance Education)

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Downloading and Installing Office 365 to Your Computer

Now that you have your email set up, you might want to take some time to download these Office apps to your computer, rather than using the products in the cloud (available through signing into your email).

Below, you see the apps available in the cloud. Look to the right, and above the Forms app, and you see a button that says Install Office. As long as you are an actively enrolled student at SCTC, you may download these apps to up to three devices.

If you choose not to install the apps to your computer, remember that you can always access these apps by signing into your SCTC email and accessing them from this page.

Office 365 - Install Office button

Select: Download Office 365 appsTo begin the download, click the Install Office button, select Office 365 app, then follow the Microsoft prompts.

It may take a little while for everything to install.

You'll see a window that says, "Just a few more steps..." Follow those directions.

Window with instructions on how to download.

In step 1, above, you will get a popup window asking you to open/save the file. Click "Save File."

Save the Office Setup file.

In step 3 in the above picture, it says that, after installation, to start Office and sign in using your school email, for example

You will need to open one of the downloaded apps to your computer and sign in using your school information.

For Microsoft-developed guidance...

See these Microsoft instructions for general help to Troubleshoot Office Installation Issues.

See these Microsoft instructions for their official steps to Download and Install or Reinstall Office 365 to a Windows or Mac computer.

Click here to read about, download and install the automated Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool.