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TigerHow: Set Up Email, Blackboard and Banner Web (Distance Education)

This is a working copy to learn how to make partially interactive the LibGuide named TigerHow: Set Up Email, Blackboard and Banner Web (Distance Education).

Distance Education

Cartoon of a diploma, mortar board, globe and laptop showing books to represent Distance Education.Your email account – and, particularly, your password – is your key to academic success!

Your academic life just doesn't work without your email account and password...and you create your password when you set up your email.

All SCTC students interact with three applications...

• SCTC Student Email (communicating with your instructor)
• Blackboard (doing assignments and taking tests)
• Banner Web (checking financial aid and grades, plus enrolling)

...and you need that same password for each.

One password for all!

Collage showing screenshots of email, Blackboard, and Banner Web exphasizing how your password is your life.