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RNSG 2028 Nurse Leadership: Week 4

Before You Start

Learning Objectives and Questions

The learning objectives for this assignment (what you should be able to do or know after completing the assignment) are listed below in bold text. For each objective in bold, there is an assignment below it that you will complete.

  1. Analyze major changes that are occurring in hospitals and their impact on nursing.
    • Select an article about one of the examples of key concerns and critique the article. 
  2. Examine Healthy People 2020 and its relevance to the nation’s health.
    • Review the framework for Healthy People 2020. Go to healthy People website and have students examine current status of the goals and objectives. Discuss in your group.
  3. Discuss staffing issues that impact care and staff retention and recruitment.
    • Select an article where staffing shortage have caused a negative outcome for patients.
  4. What are policies and procedures? Why is it important for nurses to be familiar with them?
    • Select an article or review journals on the effect of not following policies and procedure have on staff, patients, or organization and discuss.  

Hints to Help You Get Started

Question 1: For this question, you will need to find a popular, trade, or scholarly article for your critique. Below is a description of each type of periodical. Since this is your first module that requires you to use GALILEO, I suggest that you use the search bar below. Once you have your first list of results, it will be long, but don't get overwhelmed! Limit by Type using the checkbox on the left side of the search results page to limit to the Trade Publications and start there.

Question 2: The Healthy People website is on the right side of the page.

Question 3: You will need to find an article on a specific topic (staffing shortages) to complete this assignment. Remember to read about the types of periodicals and Limit by Type if you want only look at specific types of articles. The limiters (options on the left side of the search results page) also allow you to narrow your results by topic and date.

Question 4: You'll also need to find an article on this topic and the same instruction above apply to this question. For this one, it might be more useful for you to limit your search to "peer-reviewed" articles, since this topic involves the effect of not following policy and procedure. The word effect lets you know that a research study might be the type of source you need.

Email me if you need help! Email address is



Search for an article in over 100 databases indexing thousands of periodicals and scholarly journals.  Note: You must have the current password to access GALILEO resources off campus.  If you would like the current GALILEO password, ask an SCTC librarian.

Scholarly vs Popular Periodicals

Scholarly, Popular, and Trade Publications Defined

Scholarly Periodicals

Scholarly (or peer-reviewed) journal articles are a type of periodical. They are written by scholars or professionals who are experts in their fields. Often, these articles publish the results of research studies. These articles are printed in journals that are usually only published a few times a year. Many journals are available in print and electronic formats, although many people now prefer to use the electronic versions.

These electronic journals are searchable through databases. These databases are often organized by subject (Allied Health, Psychology, etc.) and allow researchers to find articles on specific topics.

Journal and database access can be too expensive for individual people, so libraries provide access through their websites or through sites like GALILEO. This is why there is a password to access GALILEO and why many articles that you might find on Google Scholar require you to pay to view the article.

Popular Periodicals

Popular periodicals are a specific type of periodical, like magazines or newspapers, that are written in language that is easily understood, informative, and entertaining. Articles in these periodicals can be written by journalists that are not experts in the field and are not peer-reviewed by experts before being printed.

Popular periodicals are published more often (daily, weekly, monthly) than journals. Like journals, they can be published in print or electronic form, and many are available through GALILEO.

These publications can be a good place to start the research process if you want to learn the basics of the topic, since some articles provide information about opposing viewpoint or general overviews of research that is published in scholarly journals. Also,popular periodicals are useful when researching topics that involve popular culture, local issues, or current events because of how often they are published and their scope (the topics covered).

Trade Periodicals

A trade publication is a specific type of publication (magazine, journal or newspaper) that is geared to people who work in a specific business or industry. These periodicals are used by people working in the field to learn about about new advancements in technology or changes in practice. Trade publications can be accessed through GALILEO.

Healthy People 2020 Framework

AONE Competencies

Nurse Manager Competencies

The Nurse Manager Competencies are based on the Nurse Manager Learning Domain Framework and capture the skills, knowledge and abilities that guide the practice of these nurse leaders. The successful nurse leader must gain expertise in all three domains: the science of managing the business; the art of leading the people; the leader within.