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Dual Enrollment: Distance Education and Tutoring and Mentoring Services

Tutoring and Mentoring Services

Tutoring and mentoring room with tables, chairs and computers.

Welcome to the Tutoring and Mentoring Center!

  • We have learning specialists who provide high-quality tutoring in the following areas: English, reading, math, anatomy and physiology.
  • Students may schedule self-organized study groups for any subject in our collaborative space.
  • ALL students (including those taking classes at any campus and online) can receive help with non-subject-specific study skills, as well as tips on time management, organization, test taking, stress reduction, and more!

Making Appointments

  • Students can schedule appointments online or by calling or visiting the campus they wish to receive services:
    • Griffin: 770-229-3078
    • Flint: 706-646-6397
    • Henry: 770-914-4411
    • Students can also schedule by visiting
  • You may schedule two appointments (30 minutes) per subject each week.
  • After two scheduled appointments, students must be a walk in the remainder of the week. Be mindful that a tutor may not be available during a walk in, but we almost always have peer mentors on hand who can help you with something!
  • Students are required to call if they cannot make a scheduled appointment. Failure to cancel appointments will result in being denied scheduled appointments for the rest of the semester.

For more information check out the Tutoring and Mentoring Center


Distance Education

Distance Education

"Your Student Email/Password is Your Life"

Setting up your Okta account is crucial for academic success. Once you log into Okta, you will have access to: 

  1. Your student email - use to converse with instructors. Personal email is not acceptable. 
  2. Blackboard - where all of your classes and assignments are hosted.
  3. Banner Web - where you find your student schedule, financial information, etc.

What if I forget my student email and password?

  • Use the Helpdesk. You can find the Helpdesk tab under MySCTC on the Southern Crescent website. Simply fill out the Helpdesk ticket and submit.
  • Distance Education is in the the Griffin Campus Library. If you are on the Griffin Campus and need help with your student email, come to the library.