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Dual Enrollment: Study Skills

How To Not Get Bored While Studying

How To Not Get Bored While Studying by Study-Hack‚Äč

  1. Change your study location(s).
  2. Use the Pomodoro Technique to take breaks: Study for 45 minutes straight then take a 15 minute break
  3. Switch subjects every hour.
  4. During breaks, do something 'for the soul.'

Why Use Flash Cards

Why use flash cards?

Flash cards are only one method for reviewing material. It's a great study tool for learning new vocabulary words for variety of subjects (i.e. biology, foreign language, history).

The benefits of using flash cards.

  1. Flash cards engage "active recall."
  2. Flash cards utilize your metacognitive faculties.
  3. Flash cards allow for confidence- base repetition.

How to use flash cards

  1. Mix pictures -n- words - Some students remember information better by incorporating images on flash cards.
  2. Write one question per card and say your answers out loud.
  3. Review cards often. Carry them with you to facilitate frequent review.
  4. Prepare the cards well in advance of the date the material is due to be tested or learned.
  5. Study most the cards you don't know or are not sure of. 

How to Remember What You Wrote in Class

Student studying in a dorm roomHow to Remember What You Wrote in Class by Study-Hack

1. Listen-actively, write in your own words, connect to what you already know.

2. Pay attention and ask questions if something is unclear.

3. Review your notes in the evenings and quiz yourself (use active recall).

4. Study a little every weekend- better to study a little at a time than pull an all nighter.

Time Management

Time Management for Beginners: Many of us, don't realize how important time management is. Time is more valuable than anything... Within this video, you will learn methods to take full advantage of your time.