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Mr. Jester's Speech Libguide

Persuasive Speech

A persuasive speech is carefully crafted speech designed to convenience the audience of an idea, issue, or change a point of view. In general, we experience this type of speech in everyday life (news, TV shows, fitness experts). Persuasive speeches are composed of both logical and emotional appeals. Logical appeal can take form of arguments that present information that reveals a rational conclusion. A persuasive speech that uses an emotional appeal to get an audience to think a certain way (i.e. political ads).


  • Death Penalty
  • Gun control
  • Eating disorders
  • Education
  • Cultural diversity
  • Ownership of wild and exotic animals
  • Law and Politics - (Should voting be mandatory?)

Inspiring Speeches

  • Database: A World of Great Debates: Debatabase: an expert-curated collection of model written debates with facts and examples both for and against on hundreds of topics.
  • Write Out Loud: Overcoming fear of public speaking: convert anxiety to confidence. How to write and give successful speeches. Source activities, speech topics & samples
  • American Rhetoric: Site dedicated to Public Rhetoric, political, social, movie and religious speeches and related concepts of and exercises in rhetoric.