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History*: History Book Review

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History Book Review

Guidelines for History Book Review

  1. Select a non-fiction book, at more than 200 pages. Time period, 1492 -1865. The book can be a biography, autobiography, a historical event etc.
  2. Let the instructor approve the book.
  3. Remember- a book report tells what a book is about. A review goes much deeper - What major idea(s) or theme(s) is the writer trying to make? How well does he/she make them? Use examples from the book to prove your point.
  4. A typical book review is from 2 1/2 to 3 pages typed. It includes an introduction, examples, and a summary. You may hand write or type your book review.  Do not copy a review from the Internet!
  5. You may use Google to reference how to write a college level book review. Listed below are two useful websites you may want to reference to help write your book review.
  1. The Writing Center: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  2. Writing Resources – Book Review – Hamilton College

Chicago/Turabian Citations

Chicago/Turbarian style is most commonly used in History, Literature, and Arts. For this style, you will use footnotes, as well as a bibliography at the end of your paper.