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Getting Started with FYE of the Tiger

This guide will walk students through the process of setting up their student accounts and self-enrolling in courses.

Logging into Blackboard

Now that you are in your Okta dashboard, you can select the Blackboard tile and begin enrolling in the FYE of the Tiger organization. The modules in this organization will introduce you to SCTC's services, such as Tutoring & Mentoring and the CAP Center, and show you where to go to access them.                                                                                                             

                                                                             The blackboard application on the okta dashboard




How to Self-Enroll in FYE of the Tiger

1.   Look for the “Self Enroll Catalog” module on your home page, and click on the “Student Self-Enroll into Organization” folder. 

2.   On the “Browse Course Catalog page, hover over the FYE organization until you see a dropdown arrow. Click the arrow and select “enroll.” 

3.   On the Self Enrollment page, click either Submit button. 

4.   You will be taken to a confirmation page stating that the action was successful.        

5.   Click the OK button in the bottom right-hand corner. 

6.   Return to your home page and verify that the course now appears on your Organizations list. If it doesn’t, refresh your browser page and check again (click the circular arrow to the left or right of the browser’s URL navigation bar). 


Once enrolled into the FYE_First_Year_Experience organization, enter the organization, click "Post Registration Modules" in the left-hand menu, and complete Modules 1 & 2!


If you would like to see these instructions with images included, click the file below.