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OER (Open Educational Resources): OERs and Licensing

Guide to Open Educational Resources for Faculty

Creative Commons Licensing and OERs

Generally, OERs are copyrightable materials that are shared under a Creative Commons license, allowing the material to be freely distributed, reproduced, and remixed.  Browse this page to become more familiar with how Creative Commons Licensing works.

Understanding Creative Commons License (Infographic)

Infographic explaining the use of creative commons licensing.

Click here to view larger.

Getting Started with Creative Commons

Other Licensing Info

Infographic divided into three columns describing public domain, open license, and copyright

A quick breakdown of other licensing options and how they work.

Creating OER and Combining Licenses

By TheOGRepository, posted on YouTube

Shared under CC-BY 3.0

Creating OER: Selecting and Creating a CC License

Created by Lauren Anstey, posted on YouTube

Shared under CC BY 3.0