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OER (Open Educational Resources): Why use OERs?

Guide to Open Educational Resources for Faculty

Why You Should Consider OERs

  Though some place more trust in traditionally published materials, many studies have shown that OERs can be just as effective as a printed textbook.  Students tend to appreciate lessened cost of course materials, as well as appreciate the ease of access and portability of digital texts.  OERs come in many forms as well, and those who respond well to auditory or visual teaching will appreciate the various multimedia formats in which OERs are available.  Browse the research on this page to see what researchers studying use and perceptions of OERs are finding out about people's use and perceptions of these materials.

Impact of Textbook Costs on Student Progress

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Infographic  about impact of student textbook costs on student progressInfographic about students and textbook costs

Prepared by Florida Virtual Campus (2016) and shared under CC BY 4.0


Advantages of OERs

Research on the Efficacy of OERs

A Review of the Effectiveness & Perceptions of Open Educational Resources

This video from Research Shorts explains how OERs benefit students, and addresses the concerns some people may have due to negative perceptions of using free resources in academia.

Why Open Education Matters

Video originally shared on YouTube.

Introduction to OERs and the importance of Creative Commons licensing in educational materials.