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Using Multiple Sources

Image of MagazinesJournal Articles 

Journal articles or scholarly articles are written by an expert or researcher in the field (i.e. English, Math and Science). Before a manuscript can be publish in an academic journal, it must go through a rigorous peer-reviewed process. Experts review the manuscript for originality, validity and accuracy. Therefore, the information in the journal article is reliable.

Library Tips

  • Ask a librarian for assistance when searching for journal articles 
  • Learn how to use "The Limiters" to find peer-reviewed articles 
  • Learn how to find the article citation  under "Tools"
  • Read the articles reference page to find more information on your topic

Literary Databases


Using books as source of research is advantageous for the researcher. When it comes to writing papers for A stack of library books on a table

English Literature courses, scholarly books and literary works are essential.

Library tips:

-Use literary works to help with finding information and support for your literary or research paper (i.e. novels, plays, short stories, and poetry).

- Use Reference Books were applicable (i.e. dictionaries, encyclopedias, author biographies, historical references, and literary criticism).


Woman reading eBook on a deviceE-Books 

E-Books are a great resource for you to use for research. Essentially,  ebooks are books in digital format that include a table of contents, numbered pages, images, graphics and an index. You can access ebooks through GALILEO and create your own account to save ebooks for research or read at your leisure. The advantageous of ebooks is they are downloadable to any reading device (laptop, tablet, smartphone & MAC).  

Library Tips:

  • Create an account for ebooks
  • Use your student email address for username and create a different password for your account
  • Learn to use the features and tools to help search for ebooks

You can find numerous works on various literary genres, author biographies and literary criticism using GALILEO e-book databases.