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First Year Experience: Sources

Resources for research on the First Year College Experience


While we hope that we have provided you with enough resources to become acquainted with FYE, you will of course want to conduct your own research. We have listed here journals, databases, and websites we found helpful, as well as some keywords to get you started on your research. 


Use these links to search through specific journals. The journals listed here are just a few that we found useful. It is by no means exhaustive. 

Once you are on the journal webpage, you can choose to search keywords by clicking on the Full Text link or by browsing through a specific Issue/article on the right-hand side.


Keywords We Used

First Year Experience

Learning Communities 

Student Success

First Year/ Freshman Students

College Freshman

Student Needs

Student Adjustment

Peer Advising

Peer Mentors

Academic Advising

Student Retention

Academic Achievement 

Educational Practices

Student Engagement