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LockDown Browser - Student View: LockDown Browser Troubleshooting

Instructions for installing LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser Troubleshooting

This guide contains troubleshooting information for LockDown Browser and Monitor. It was created by accessing the Respondus Knowledgebase between 02/03/2021 and 02/16/2021. There may be updates to these pages or new pages added. For the most up to date information on a particular topic, please see the links given on the pages. Those pages are maintained by Respondus, the makers of LockDown Browser and Monitor. For additional topics, please see their Student Support Knowledgebase page:

Please note that Respondus makes LockDown Browser and Monitor for multiple learning management systems. Southern Crescent uses Blackboard Learn (original, not Ultra). DO NOT follow instructions for D2L Brightspace, Canvas, etc.

LockDown Browser: The Student Experience

The following steps guide will guide you through the process of using LockDown Browser (and a webcam, if required) to take an online test.

1) Download & Install

Windows or Mac
Only use the download link unique to SCTC ( It can also be found in your course. Instructors may have it in the syllabus or a message within the Blackboard class.

The download page provides information on system requirements and a quick overview video. The installation is fast and easy, and only needs to be done once (per device). A short video of the process is available here (video will open in a new browser tab).

download page


iPad / iOS

iPad users can install the LockDown Browser iPad app from the App Store. Instructions for using the iPad app can be found here. (Note that instructors will determine if iPad use is allowed in the LockDown Browser settings. If it is not working with your iPad, inform your instructor that you are using an iPad and request they enable its use.)

2) Start the Browser

Once LockDown Browser has been installed, you should locate the “LockDown Browser” icon on your device and double-click it. (Windows users can find it on their desktop; Mac users can find it in their Applications folder.)

Alternatively, Windows users can go to “Start”, locate “All Programs,” select “Respondus,” and click “Respondus LockDown Browser.”

At start-up, LockDown Browser will automatically go to the login page for Blackboard. You simply log in and navigate to the exam, just as you would in a regular browser.

If you try to access the exam using a standard browser, you will see a message indicating that you must instead use LockDown Browser.

Launch link

3) Taking an Exam
Once the exam has started, you are locked into the exam. You’re unable to print, copy, go to other web addresses, or access other applications on the computer. Web searches, instant messaging, minimizing the browser, and hundreds of other functions are also prevented. Once the exam is completed, you are permitted to exit the browser and your computer will return to its normal state.

Using a Webcam

If your exam requires the use of a webcam (sometimes referred to as Respondus Monitor), you’ll be guided through a brief set of screens prior to the start of the exam.

The first screen is a webcam check, where you can make sure the webcam is working properly. Additional steps may be required by your instructor, such as showing your identification, or recording a brief video of your examination setting.

startup sequence


Once the exam begins, a “Recording” icon will appear at the top right of the screen.

Do not attempt to exit the exam until you’re finished. Additionally, you won’t be able to print, copy, access other applications, or go to other websites during the exam.

When the exam is submitted for grading, the webcam will stop recording and you may exit LockDown Browser.

Early Exit

If you need to exit the exam before submitting it, for example in case of an emergency or internet failure, you are required to enter a reason for exiting the exam early. (Instructors can then view this within the LockDown Browser dashboard.)

early exit button


early exit reason

Another helpful tool is the LockDown Browser Student Quick Start Guide.

The original Respondus webpage for this information can be found at

Help Center is a feature for LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor that enables you, the student, to more easily troubleshoot technical issues with your computer.

Help Center is currently available to users of the Windows and Mac editions of LockDown Browser.

iPad users have a similar feature called Report an Issue where you can access technical help.

The Help Center button will appear on the toolbar in LockDown Browser once you have accessed a course in Blackboard.

Monitor Help Center Screen

The Respondus Monitor Help Center contains three areas:

  • Pre-exam Webcam Check – Enables you to check your webcam functionality, prior to an exam.
  • System & Network Check – Runs a series of diagnostic checks to make sure your computer is functioning properly and meets the minimum requirements. The results of the system check can be emailed to a help desk for further limited troubleshooting.
  • Knowledge Base – This student-centric knowledge base provides answers to the top questions or issues that relate to using LockDown Browser and a webcam (ie. Respondus Monitor).

The original webpage can be found at

Using Help Center ....................

If you are having a problem with LockDown Browser or the webcam part of Monitor, follow these steps:

1) Start LockDown Browser, log into Blackboard, and select a course.

2) Select the "Help Center" button from the toolbar in LockDown Browser.

3) The Help Center screen now appears. Select the appropriate application in use – LockDown Browser only -- or -- LockDown Browser with a webcam.

If you select LockDown Browser only, the webcam check will not appear, but all of the other tools will be available. (If you are required to use Monitor for the exam, this step can also be skipped if you aren't required to record yourself during the exam with a webcam.)

The following screen will appear:

Respondus Monitor Help Center

4) Select System Check to run a diagnostic of your computer system and network.

Select System Check

5) When the System Check is complete, a set of images will appear across the top of the screen. A green mark indicates that the item meets the system requirements; a red X may indicate a problem for that item.

System Check results with things that passed or failed

6) Scroll downward to see detailed results of the network and system check, including bandwidth and latency tests, OS information, a list of applications that are running, etc.

7) Return to the main screen in Help Center and select the option Webcam Check to ensure the webcam is working properly.

Webcam Check screen

8) Select "Email results" to send the System Check results to your help desk (if needed, provide the student the email address for your institution's help desk).

System Check results and Email Results option

9) Once this feature is enabled, the SCTC HelpDesk can review the results that were sent by email. You, the student, will receive a copy of the same email.

Results to email to HelpDesk

10) If we are unable to solve your problem, the issue may be escalated to Respondus Support.

Error Message:

"Feature Transfer Error" during install of LockDown Browser

If you encounter the above error when attempting to download and/or install LockDown Browser, then it's likely Windows Defender interfering. To work around the problem, open Windows Defender on your computer and start by disabling "Virus & Threat Protection" only. If the problem persists, then also disable other components of Windows Defender, including:

* Firewall & Network Protection
* App & Browser Control

After the install successfully completes, you should re-enable all components of Windows Defender that you may have disabled.

The original webpage can be found at

There are two options for uninstalling or removing LockDown Browser from Windows systems.

Important note: Always run LockDown Browser one more time and then immediately quit LockDown Browser before any uninstall or removal of the program.

The recommended step is to use Windows->Control Panel->Programs and Features (Windows 7/8/10).

If there are problems uninstalling through the Windows Control Panel, you can download and run the LockDown Browser installer a second time and select the option "Uninstall/Remove" when prompted. In some situations, we recommend re-installing LockDown Browser and then immediately run the installer again to remove LockDown Browser.

To uninstall LockDown Browser on the Mac just requires dragging the LockDown Browser application from Finder->Applications into the Trash and emptying the Trash.

The original webpage can be found at

Unless your instructor has provided definite instructions about using a password for a quiz or test, A PASSWORD IS NOT RQUIRED and you are getting this message to indicate an error. Two things can bring about this error, and it is usually the first:

  1. If you cannot navigate past the password screen, and the password field is blank, it is an indication you are trying to access the test with a standard browser (instead of LockDown Browser). Make sure you have downloaded LockDown Browser and that you have launched LockDown Browser from your desktop or your computer's Start Menu. You must launch LockDown Browser in order to go into Blackboard and take the test.
  2. Or, your instructor has modified the title of the course, or the internal password (not viewable for students and not needed by students) after marking the test as requiring LockDown Browser. This, too, can cause an error asking you for a password. If the title or password are modified, students will receive a warning message and be prevented from accessing the test; the instructor will see a "Fix It" indicator in the Respondus LockDown Browser dashboard. Clicking "fix it" will restore the password in the Blackboard Learn quiz settings.

The original webpage can be found at

Blackboard has a quiz setting called "Forced Completion" that some instructors like to use to limit cheating. This setting requires students to complete the exam in one sitting.

However, if there is ever an interruption in the internet connection during the exam, these "Forced Completion" settings automatically submit the exam. This same behavior can occur if the student clicks on the "Refresh" icon.

This can also happen if the power cord for the computer is near the feet and a student kicks it.

Additionally, multiple people and devices using the internet (streaming movies, music, games, some appliances, etc.) at the same time a student is taking a test can be a recipe for disaster as these are all internet intensive applications.

SCTC suggests students coordinate with other members of their household so that student tests are taken during times when internet activity by others is low or nil. If necessary, tell others they need to find another activity to do during this time.

Error Message:

Error Message: There is a problem with the LockDown Browser settings for this exam

The above error typically occurs because of one of the following:

1) The course is a copy, and the instructor did not open the LDB Dashboard once before students began taking exams.
2) The course is not a copy, but the quiz in question was migrated into the course from an old course, and the instructor did not open the LDB Dashboard once before students began taking that exam.

The original webpage can be found at

Error Message: "Bad Image" 0xc0000020 when starting LockDown Browser

Error Message: "Bad Image" 0xc0000020 when starting LockDown Browser

If you receive the above error when starting LockDown Browser, it's likely because of over aggressive security software wrongly determining that LockDown Browser is a threat. As a result, the startup of LockDown Browser is interfered with, and the installation of LockDown Browser may even be corrupted.

We recommend the following steps:

1) Uninstall LockDown Browser from your computer.

2) Reinstall LockDown Browser using a copy of the installer downloaded from your institution's unique LockDown Browser download URL.

3) Make sure you only have one major anti-virus security software program installed on your computer.

4) In the one anti-virus program (if any) be sure to permit "lockdownbrowser.exe" to run.

The original webpage can be found at

For Windows users, start Respondus LockDown Browser, select the “i” button from the toolbar, and then click “Check for Newer Version”. The version will be displayed and you will be able to download a newer version if one is available.

How to Update LockDown Browser - step 1 of 2 - click on circled i symbol for information

How to Update LockDown Browser - step 2 of 2 - click Check of Newer Version

For Mac users, start Respondus LockDown Browser, select “About” from the toolbar, and then click “Check for Update.” The version will be displayed and you will be able to download a newer version if one is available.

You can also update LockDown Browser by downloading and running the full installation program again.

The original webpage can be found at