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[English Language Club]. (2014, July 18). Introduction to Phonetics [Video]. YouTube.

Books Available at SCTC

English Vocabulary for Beginning ESL Learners

Master the words and phrases necessary for handling everyday situations

ESL and Adult English Learners CAN WRITE RIGHT!

Writing for advanced ESL (English as Second Language) learners. An exploration of the Grammar, Spelling, Usage, and Method that will give them information, skills, and confidence. The book contains extensive cross referencing among related topics. Most of the chapters have exercises and answers.

Perfect Phrases for ESL

Now you'll know what to say atthe right time in any situation ESL specialist Natalie Gast knows from her experience that the workplace presents some unique situations. In this book she presents scenarios, business slang, and other linguistic issues that typical language texts don't go into--for example, how to break the ice with small talk or ask for clarification.

ESL Intermediate/Advanced Grammar

Designed for intermediate and advanced high school- and college-level non-native speakers of English who need to improve their ESL (English as a Second Language) grammar skills. ESL Intermediate/Advanced Grammar provides students with simple explanations of grammar, skill-building exercises, detailed answer keys, and test-taking techniques. It's the perfect companion for classroom use or self-guided studies in ESL. DETAILS - Grammar-oriented exercises with simple explanations that allow students to master concepts through extensive practice - Test-taking techniques featuring strategies for success on ESL tests - Comprehensive Glossary - Superb preparation for students taking the TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language)