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Dr. Stancliff - English 1101 &1102

"Various Modes of Writing"

Hamburger ParagraphIf you can make a delicious hamburger, then you can write an incredible paragraph.

Though the example below is for a paragraph, it can easily be expanded into a lengthy paper. But for now, it is a paragraph.

Topic Sentence:

  • Edgar Allan Poe is the most influential writer of the 19th Century.

Supporting Sentence 1 

  • Poe invented the modern detective story. (i.e. supporting fact - His detective stories influenced many authors including Sir Author Conan Doyle.) 

Supporting Sentence 2

  • The horror story genre was forever changed by Poe. (i.e. supporting fact - Poe was considered the Master of the Macabre.)

Supporting Sentence 3

  • As author and poet, Poe was inspired by real events happening around him(i.e. supporting fact - live burials) 

Conclusion Sentence

  • In conclusion, no other author has yielded greater influence as to transformed literary genres as Edgar Allan Poe. (i.e. restatement of my supporting facts - invented the detective story, transformed the horror story and inspired by real events)

RecipesWhat Is An Expository Essay?

An expository essay is one that explains or informs a reader clearly about a topic in a neutral tone. 

What You Need to Include In An Expository Essay

  • Organization - You need to write a clear and well defined thesis statement in your first paragraph.
  • Body paragraphs - At the beginning of each paragraph, you need a topic sentence. 
  • Transitional words - Transitional words help  organize your paper and make it flow for your reader. Everyone enjoys reading an essay that reads well as each paragraph connects one idea to the next. 
  • Facts or examples - Facts or examples support your topic sentence and thesis statement in the first paragraph. Try to have at least 3 facts or examples for each topic sentence. 
  • Conclusion - A conclusion is a restatement of your thesis statement. (A restatement doesn't mean retyping your thesis statement as your conclusion.) 
  • Creativity - You have creative license in any paper you write. Enjoy the process!


Student studyingArgumentative Essay: Structure

Like an expository essay, an argumentative essay contains a clear and concise thesis statement, well developed paragraphs with topic sentences, and a great conclusion. However, an argumentative essay requires research into a topic (controversial topic). The topic should be current and debatable for the writer to establish a position on the topic being discussed. 

First Paragraph

  • The first paragraph will embody a brief review of the topic
  • An explanation of the why the topic is important
  • Debatable thesis statement 

Body Paragraphs

  • The writer develops their argument in the body paragraphs
  • Paragraphs contain evidence and facts to support the writer's argument and persuade the reader
  • Writer uses clear, concise and logical transitional words and phrases


  • Restate main premise
  • Include one or two sentences summarizing and supports the argument
  • Offers a call to action or future possibility statement