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Adjunct Instructor Professional Development Training: Fall 2018

Blackboard - Learning Grade Center

Description: Learn how to set up your Grade Center correctly and how to submit final grades through ILP integration.

Presenter: Jennifer Edwards

Everyone Wins! Tutoring, Mentoring, and the Study Cycle

Description: Find out how training your students to access quality academic support resources beyond the classroom and making the most of their study time can help set them and you up for success.

Presenter: Liz Jester

No Shows and LDOA

Description: Understand why these are so critical to our students and to the college bottom line.

Presenter: Michelle Bedford

Engage to Learn, Learn to Engage!

Description: An active classroom challenges learners to apply what they are learning, monitor their progress, and evaluate their understanding. Let's explore techniques that will motivate our students to become better self-regulated learners.

Presenter: Leila Wells Rogers

Office 365 Tips and Tricks

Description: Learn flexible and powerful ways to organize, manage, and present information with Office 365.

Presenter: Angie Nix

Bringing the Water to the Horse

Description: Learn how to easily add online library guides to your class to encourage students to use GALILEO, evaluate web sources for reliability, and avoid plagiarism.

Presenter: Kate Williams

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