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scissors, comb and blow dryer


Ask a Librarian


Griffin Campus Library: 770-412-4755

Flint River Campus Library: 706-646-6173

Henry Center Computer Lab: 770-914-4423

Start Here:

1- Get to know your topic

        Use a good reference source to understand the different aspects of your topic

        GALE VIRTUAL REFERENCE has many resources on HAIR (use the search term "hair")

        Use the TOPIC FINDER to get a look at the different topics

                ( each tile opens up to a list of resources on the right hand side )

2- Find different keywords

        Asking for information with the wrong word will get you nothing!

         Use the form below to keep track of different keywords

3- Use different resources to see all sides of your topic

        Use BOOKS  & E BOOKS (through the LIBRARY CATALOG)

        Use FILMS/VIDEOS

        Use ARTICLES ( to learn about the current conversation)

4- Decide on your "thesis statement" for your research

        This is just the question you will answer for your reader