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SCTC Dual Enrollment Required Orientation, Advisement and Registration (ROAR)

Campus Carry Overview

You must be 21 or over (unless an active member of the military).
It applies to everyone on campus – student, faculty, staff, contractor or visitor.
Applies only to handguns (revolvers and pistols). No Long Guns!
And, you must have valid GA Weapons Carry License (WCL), or a weapons carry license or permit from a reciprocal state provided that the license carrier is not a resident of GA. If the license carrier becomes a GA resident, they must obtain a GA carry license (active military exception).

Authorized Locations
In any building or on real property (buildings or land) owned or leased by the college unless specifically prohibited.

Prohibited Locations
Any buildings or property used for athletic sporting events (while athletic event is occurring)
Student housing (includes fraternity and sorority houses)
College and Career Academies
Classes w/Dual Enrollment students (defined as the space or room being currently used for instruction of Dual Enrollment students)
Faculty, staff, or administrative offices
Rooms where disciplinary hearings are conducted.

Guns Prohibited symbol with classroom, school, dorm, courtroom, sports arena and office