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Blackboard Collaborate for Instructors

How to create, record, and share Collaborate sessions.

Viewing and Sharing Recorded Sessions

Students enrolled in your course can access Blackboard Collaborate recordings from the course page.  However, you may want to share a recording with someone not enrolled in a course.  To do that, you can use a public, shareable link.  Here's how to access that.

In the Blackboard page for your course, open Blackboard Collaborate from the Course Tools menu. 

Click on this icon in the top left corner of the Blackboard Collaborate box to expand the menu: Black icon with three, white, horizontal lines.

The expanded menu will look like the following image.  Select "Recordings."

Once you select "Recordings,"  a list of your session recordings will appear.  Notice a small, circled ellipses icon at the far right end of each recording listed.  Click on this icon to open the options for a specific recording.

The options for each recording will look like the following image.  Choose "Copy Link."

Selecting "Copy link" will open a public, shareable link that you can copy and share with anyone.