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Captioning using YouTube

First, create gmail account or use an existing one.

How to Use Google Account to Sign in to YouTube

Use your Google Account for YouTube

You may already have a Google account if have used any Google applications for example if you use Gmail you have a Google account. 

Things to Remember

  • To sign into YouTube enter your Google account email and password. After you sign up for an account in YouTube then anytime you sign in to your Google account you will be automatically signed into YouTube
  • If for any reason you delete your Google account you will delete all your content in YouTube also
  • When you sign in to YouTube with your Google Account you have access to many YouTube features such as "Subscribe to YouTube channels", "Watch Later", "Watch History" and others
  • Unless you create a channel you will not have a public presence on YouTube. Your activity is fully private but if you would like upload videos you need to create a channel.